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My Experience with an efficient Tool to Auto-build Applications

If you like country music or pop music, you must know that in the sixty centuries, many famous bands and singers emerged in Europe and America, from the Beatles to the Queen, from Elvis to Eli Clapton...They had a large number of fans in different regions, so they began to perform all over the world. However, world tour performances are very time-consuming and laborious, always full of troublesome affairs, including schedule planning, transportation, accommodation, local media interviews, fans meeting, safety issues, etc. At that time, there was a company that provided services to solve all the troublesome affairs. Their slogan is: Don't worry, just leave other things to us, all you have to do is sing!

In the software industry, there are similar occasions. For example in the development of the back-end microservices of an e-commerce company, launching a software product includes several processes, apart from the development of account, payment, order, logistics, storage, you also have to manage the dependencies of microservices such as blog, monitoring, alarm, autoscale, settings. If you're the manager of a development team, you also have to consider issues like the consistency and reliability of the environment, configuration problems, data security etc. The difficulties of solving those problems will increase when there are personnel changes, version updates, bug issues.

As to individual developers, you can simply put your projects on gitee/GitHub. But what if someone is interested in trying your projects, they still have to configure the client servers, environments, and manage the dependencies? Come on, I'm a developer, and I don't want to do those tedious jobs. Are there any software service companies that provide end-to-end software development tools that reduce cumbersome and time-consuming procedures during development? In a conversation with my friends, I got to know a cloud collaborative development platform called TeamCode, it has a tool "Tin"( to auto-generate and build runnable applications, then I chose a GitHub open-source project to experience.

First, I click "Try it now" to open the application with TIN and clone the demo.Click "RUN NOW", a few seconds later, the application ran successfully. If you find any bugs or issues in the projects, you can use TIN to distribute and share the application with your friends.They can clone the TIN application, replay the building processes and help you solve the issues.

Based on my personal experience, TIN is an efficient development tool that supports you to build applications from Docker Repo, Dockerfile, Git Repo. Its biggest advantage is to build applications from source code, avoiding cumbersome installation processes. So that more open-source projects can be experienced, improve the efficiency to decide the technology architecture, save your time and cost on development. While TeamCode is dedicated to solving all troublesome affairs and routine matters, with a cloud native development toolchain. Based on the pleasant experience with TIN, I'm looking forward to their new products. I don't want to do annoying, boring and repetitive work anymore in the future!

Wanna have a try? Click to start NOW!

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