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if you're only ever learning by doing, aren't we limiting ourselves to repetition of the same pathways that we've seen before?

Yes, but that's an extreme. Generally I expect somebody hears about something, reads up a bit, then tries something out. There's reading in there of course, but a book takes that to the other extreme, taking exploration and the practice out of the loop. That's always seemed to passive to me.

Now if you include papers and lecture series then I have read quite a few things, but most were not all that important on my knowledge and beliefs. Certainly not individually.
Of the three most influential things, I would name 1 lecture series (Bartosz Milewski's series on CT), a conversion I had with a teacher once about why functional programming was interesting for concurrent programming, and a disagreement I had about orthogonality with a presenter at a meetup one time.

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David Wickes Author

I was just thinking about the Milewski lectures/blog/book in relation to this. It's definitely a big "blob" of influential learning, whichever way it is consumed!