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I had been working really hard to get my company to let me work from home before the pandemic. Wasn't easy as they are by no means a remote friendly organization but the digital department is small and my boss was way more progressive than other managers so we were figuring it out. I was up to 3 or 4 days WFH and only really coming in for larger meetings or at the beginning of a project where there was a lot of collaboration. I was, and am, much more productive when I WFH and my boss knew it so it wasn't a problem for him, just those above him. Now that we are all working from home the digital department is having the least amount of issues and is the most productive. We were on slack before the pandemic, used basecamp religiously, and kept our face to face meetings to a minimum well before we had to. The rest of the company is struggling to adapt but it's just business as usual for us. The company has noticed and is starting to implement some of the tools and strategies we use. (We're no longer are the weirdos of the company!)

The company recently started talking about reopening and returning to the office. Luckily its going to 100% optional for at least another year so it looks like I'll be WFH for at least another year. Hopefully by the time that year is up they wont care where any of us work as long as we produce high quality work on time.


I'm in a very similar position. I work at a construction company, so my team is one of the few that can operate entirely remotely. I certainly hope we can stay remote as long as possible.

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