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Discussion on: What is one essential item in your backpack or computer bag?

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Drew Bragg

Just one? That's tough...

I rock a GORUCK GR1 (best bag ever made) as my EDC bag and keep all kinds of stuff in it. It always has 2 koozies (1 for a friend), bottle opener, multitool, lactaid :(, a wire dopp with chargers, cables, and at least one anker, a notebook, pens, a hoodie and windbreaker (or just the windbreaker depending on the season), a small toiletries kit, and my daily medications.

I always have room to spare so sometimes I add things depending on the situation but that's the everyday stuff.

I guess my always on me item would be the lactaid. Life isn't as much fun for me without it. Multitool is a close second lol.

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Philip Hallstrom

My first thought was lactaid as well, but thought nah, won't be relevant. Looks like I was wrong. :high5: