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What is one essential item in your backpack or computer bag?

What is one unexpected item that you always keep with you in your back pack or computer bag? Something that others might not expect but is a huge help to you in your every day routine or just something that you don't want to be caught without?

Mine: Wrist wraps for carpal tunnel. I keep two of these on me at all times so I never have an excuse to type for extended periods of time without them.

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Jeremy Smith • Edited

I keep an old school netgear Wireless Router in my backpack. It's surprising how many places around here (libraries, hotels) provide an ethernet jack, but no wireless. In those cases I just whip out my wireless router, hook it up, and my laptop and other internet devices are all online in a jiffy.

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That definitely fits the unexpected requirement haha. Good idea as well if you travel a lot.

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Drew Bragg

Just one? That's tough...

I rock a GORUCK GR1 (best bag ever made) as my EDC bag and keep all kinds of stuff in it. It always has 2 koozies (1 for a friend), bottle opener, multitool, lactaid :(, a wire dopp with chargers, cables, and at least one anker, a notebook, pens, a hoodie and windbreaker (or just the windbreaker depending on the season), a small toiletries kit, and my daily medications.

I always have room to spare so sometimes I add things depending on the situation but that's the everyday stuff.

I guess my always on me item would be the lactaid. Life isn't as much fun for me without it. Multitool is a close second lol.

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Philip Hallstrom

My first thought was lactaid as well, but thought nah, won't be relevant. Looks like I was wrong. :high5:

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Cameron Lepper

I carry a USB Desk fan everywhere in my computer bag. I find programming really difficult when I'm too warm (my brain goes into power-saving mode), and office-spaces tend to get rather uncomfortably hot towards the mid-end of a working day!

Small thing, but massively improves tail-end productivity.

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Michiel Hendriks

USB Drive with a bootable Ubuntu Desktop. In fact, it's on my keychain.
I also use it to store files. But the ability to boot almost any system with a USB port is useful.

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Helen Anderson

I have plenty of stuff in my bag that I keep just in case, but ends up being used for others

  • bandaids
  • painkillers
  • spare pens
  • phone charger
  • post its
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Antonio Radovcic


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Notepad and pen. It's often easier to plan and visualize something by drawing rather than typing it out in a text editor.

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Same here, I was not quite sure if this was 'unexpected' enough to respond with. I like using those small hardback sketchbooks, they're decent paper weight, plain white, and small enough where I can just tear out my good collective ideas and throw away dribble.