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What is WordPress? Why Should You Use WordPress to Develop Your Website?

When you are reading online news, you often hear the word WordPress. So what is WordPress? What is its role in Website development?

In this article, we will get to know the concept of WordPress as well as its uses and benefits it brings to the process of building your website. Let's see if it can be a tool for you to use in the long term.

What is WordPress?

According to Wikipedia, WordPress is a platform for publishing websites and blogs. It is written in the PHP programming language and uses the open-source relational database management system MySQL to store and export all information to the website.

WordPress is the descendant of b2/cafelog and is developed by Michel Valdrighi.

WordPress is known as the free most popular CMS (content management system) in the world. It is used to organize and create favourable collaborative environments for the purpose of building a system of content types, documents, ... to provide for a certain audience.

The reasons why you should use WordPress

Easy to use

WordPress was developed to support people who have no programming knowledge. Ie WordPress is an available environment, helping people to use it easily so you can customize the site without having to spend too much time.

With other platforms, you need to have some programming knowledge as well as some necessary skills. As for WordPress, you only need to use the available features to build your website while creating diversity on the website.

Support community

You will not be alone when having any problems in the process of building your website. In addition to searching for knowledge on Google and Youtube, you can still ask questions on WordPress forums.

You will instantly have a large team from experts to team members ready to support you. If you are not confident in your English skills, don't worry. You can use Google Translate and others will understand what you need.

There are many plugins

A successful website with full functions needs to have plugins to support the process of building the site. Currently, WordPress has nearly 60,000 plugins for you to choose.

Most common features of a website are found in the plugins. However, you should not overuse the plugins. If used too much, it is likely that the plugins can affect more or less your website performance. In addition, plugins also have free or paid versions. The paid versions, of course, are always better than the free versions.

There are many diverse themes

Themes are like the shirts for your website. Not only does WordPress provide plugins but it also has plenty of free themes that can suit your needs.

In addition to the available free themes, you can also invest in paid themes. If you want to develop a website seriously, you should use a paid theme to have a better quality website as well as get the support from the developer of the theme. Besides, if you have a limited budget, you can find hundreds of websites providing amazing WordPress plugins from and use coupon codes from this site to lower the cost you pay.

Different types of websites

Because WordPress has a large theme store, you can easily choose and design many types of websites you like.

You can make a website about:

  • News

  • Entertainment

  • Blogging

  • Online selling

  • Review

  • Collection of photos, videos or movies

  • Company

  • Project

  • Forum

In general, WordPress can help you with any type of websites.

Friendly to search engines

No matter how successful you are with the content on your website, the most important thing is that your website must be noticed by search engines, especially Google. And WordPress meets this criterion. It is one of the best source codes to increase your website's rank (SEO). WordPress is SEO friendly to search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Good security

WordPress is also one of the source codes with good security though, in the past, there were things that made users feel worried. However, over time WordPress has gradually overcome those problems when new versions are continuously updated. WordPress detects errors and send notifications to users. So, there's no reason not to use WordPress as its security is getting better and better.


It is recommended that you should use WordPress if you don't have programming knowledge. And if you have, of course, you can choose the right path for yourself. Hopefully, this article will help you determine the suitable source code for your website. Good luck!

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