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OK, maybe it's "Finally for me". But, one of the things I absolutely HATE about Chrome is the Ctrl-Tab key behavior. Ctrl-Tab means previous tab/window. Why doesn't Chrome get this?

Every so often, I abandon Chrome to try and find a better browser.

  • Firefox, great -- but I need certain Chrome extensions and Chrome Store Foxified just doesn't seem to cut it
  • Opera -- I was totally converted til it started having issues with a site that Chrome handled fine
  • Brave (the one I'm actually using now) -- looks promising!

But, need that MRU with Ctrl-Tab. Here's how to get it.

NOTE: I totally get the dangers of pasting unknown code into your console. However, I've included the code below. Review it for yourself

Step 1: Install QuicKey

QuicKey in the Chrome Webstore

Step 2: Follow Instructions

Follow these detailed instructions. I prefer Option 1 to instantly switch between tabs.


For reference, here is the code you paste after installing the extension:

    extensionId: "ldlghkoiihaelfnggonhjnfiabmaficg",
    commandName: "30-toggle-recent-tabs",
    keybinding: "Ctrl+Tab"


For those who want to key your bookmarks sync'd between browsers, check out xBrowserSync. So far, I'm impressed...

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