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Looking Back At 2020


At this point, I had no idea all the gbas gbos and omo moments were on their way so all that was on my mind was to get a higher GP and start taking frontend more seriously. Paul(@CuriousPaul2 on Twitter) called me to work on a project where I effed up badd as I didn't even know how to make a site responsive. Working on this made me realize how far I was in my tech journey.


School was draining the life out of me as usual but I wasn't drowning sha. Got a new phone(yaaayyy). Attended all DSC Unilag events I could go for. This pushed me to sign up for the Solution Challenge and Frontend Study Group which I flopped in once more. Paul(x2) came to meet me to work on another project again even with how bad I flopped the first time. My grandpa died, then COVID hit, then the lockdown began. At this point, only movies, tiktok and music could keep me company.


I would say this was the turning point for me in the year. I first signed up for DSC 30DaysOfCode Challenge(Python Track). This pushed me to learn python and get okay at it. As it was coming to an end, the fire in me wasn't ready to be quenched so I went back to a web development course I had watched about 40% of. Completed the course. Took another CSS Course (Didn't finish it tho). Pluralsight were running a promo where everything was free so I took 2 courses on nodeJS. At the end of June, I got 2 frontend gigs(First Ever). Used the money to beef up my system. In between all these, Paul(x3) contacted me again to work on Coveed. I gladly jumped on board.


Got a job which was amazing but I started feeling down(burnout maybe). Bought my first console(This was prolly my happiest moment, cause it had been a long time coming). Close to the ending of September, I sorta lost the job(not because of the console). Depression set in


Didn't save up much while working so the money I had was slowly coming to an end. Mid November, my account was empty and my phone screen started to flicker(yes, the phone I got at the beginning of the year). Spoke with Paul(x4) on a call joking about how I didn't know where my next data subscription was coming from and the next day, I got a call for a gig. I was overjoyed. Few days to the new year, the screen went totally black and it's Samsung.

Seeing other people's reviews of their year made me feel like I didn't achieve much but on writing this, it's definitely more obvious. A BIG thank you to Paul. You've had such an impact on me. Thank you to everyone who made my year in every little way.
My plans for 2020? To grow.

Happy New Year🌻

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Curious Paul

omoooo thank you! Glad that we all made it out of that year mehn

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Abdulrahman Yusuf

Nice One ManπŸ™Œ... Burnout is one problem most junior devs face at the start of a new job, we'll get through it as time goes πŸ‘