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A complete walkthrough to Flutter mastering!

Hello Dev Community,

First post for me in here (originally post here! I'm so excited starting this new adventure on!

So I decided that today is THE day! The day I start (or restart) learning Flutter.
For those who don't know what is flutter, here is a quick video from Google.

I previously talk about this on my blog as an introduction on it here.
I sadly had less time to discover this technology but i'm sure this is the future of mobile development.

I'm so now back in this business and i will then start learning Flutter with some resources :


This should give me a good base. I will then have a look to good open source project by checking GitHub :

This will give me a solid learning evolution but there is also a lot of work.
Once i'll have a complete look on this, i'll realize a complete project that i'll explain in here. Stay tune!

Do you have any website for learning flutter that i definitely should see? Let's comment then!

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