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⚫️ nothingness negates itself
⚫️ nothingness negates itself

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if you aren't developing RESTful systems, you are historically and semantically NOT doing web development

please, you have to stop wasting my time with your opinion that i "just want to be right," especially if you don't actually know the circumstances around fielding's work.

you are in fact shitting on his life's work, because you don't actually read timbl, amundsen or any of them.

just like with black issues, you want to have opinions and be "respected" about stuff you have not done any due dilligence in.

you literally have a search engine right in front of you, and you think i am sharing just my "dogmatic" opinion.

no, i think there is a different issue as to why you're so focused on tone policing and respectability politics.

given the state of the world and me being black, come the fuck on. read the room, you are all striking out in more ways than just bastardizing and misrepresenting REST and the web itself, more concerned with white-knighting and gatekeeping. you didn't even engage REST, and i am trying to tear down these gates.

[UPDATE]: "A data format SHOULD incorporate hypertext links if hypertext is the expected user interface paradigm."

if you are not putting hyperlinks in your JSON response, you are engaging in BAD PRACTICE and not developing SEMANTIC WEB based on LINKED DATA

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shadow ban me, i don't care.

you all have already shown the extent of your "meritocracy" by shitting on fielding's work. i'd expect no less from non-serious people who spend more time tone policing and covering their own ass than just reading the damn paper before espousing to understand its significance, worst getting paid for the idea tho you are literally not implementing it. this is not my opinion, what the fuck is wrong with you people? you can easily research the dude's WORK. it isn't about "oh get an education"; it's his WORK, he was working within the context of hypermedia, a web doctrine. wtf. why are you not able to grok the historical and semantic connection between timbl's work and REST? you do realize these people actually know and collaborate, right?