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CLI tools I use

I recently reinstalled Ubuntu on my Windows 10 machine using WSL2. But before I did that, I noted down the tools I frequently use. In the hopes this might be helpful, here are the tools in no particular order.

1. Neovim

Although VScode + VScodeVim is my daily editor, I am still somewhat attached to it.

2. fzf

I mostly use this to search through my commands history

Alt Text

3. ngrok

This is useful as a proxy both inspecting HTTP requests/responses and for temporarily exposing your local-server to the internet.

4. qrcp

Whenever I need to send files between my phone and computer, this is the tool I reach if I don't have a USB nearby.


5. zsh + oh-my-zsh

oh-my-zsh is packed with features that I keep discovering every day. For example, if you type a letter and press up, you will only get the entries that begin with that prefix. Not to mention the awsome git integration and preinstalled prompt themes.

6. HTTPie

A great alternative to Postman or curl + jq.

7. fx

A modern terminal JSON viewer with support for collapsing nodes.

8. Z

I use this tool whenever I need to quickly navigate between frequently visited folders. This comes pre-installed with oh-my-zsh and just needs to be enabled in its plugins section.

9. Others that I don't use so often

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