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Discussion on: How do you take breaks throughout the day?

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Fré Dumazy

I like to split up my tasks for the day into smaller subtasks that take around 30min (could be 10, could be 60). I write those on little post-it notes and hang them on the wall next to me.
I take one, start doing it and when I'm done, I have a moment to see if I want to take a water/coffee break or take on another one.

I hang all finished post-its to each other. Seeing the line of notes gives a feeling of satisfaction and helps me say when I deserve a longer break (like 15, 20min).
I tend to keep those groups for the rest of the week, so it's easy to reflect what I've done when as well 😅

Mostly I work in 3 groups: morning, afternoon, evening. Between those I take a long break (at least an hour). I would eat something and go for a walk or do some exercise