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Discussion on: The kind of job application process that makes me angry

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Davide de Paolis

yep. agree. expecially the feedback part. if i give you my time for a coding challenge. or to go through the interview process it would be nice to receive a detailed feedback in what i did wrong or why i did not fit in the culture of your company. Did i seem unsure or arrogant, sloppy or fussy, was my code crap or overly complicated. It would be nice to know better the expectetions they had. Do you want an MVP with hacky shortcuts and without unittests or do you want to see the code at my best? ( normally i would do all by the book, but if the budget and time costraint are tight - what the heck do you expect?) I believe every interview should be a learning experience and these feedback would really help. but i understand also why they dont do that ( there are many legal reasons too..)