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Hi! I finally put this in a state where is not super embarrassing to share, codecorgi is an idea I've had for over a year, where we present users with challenges that are non trivial codebases, no tutorials, no hand holding, just code and feature requests. Just like a regular job.

Fork and clone the repos, run it locally, add the features or fixes needed, push to your github and submit your version to codecorgi so that other community members can give you feedback, like a code review at work. There are 7 challenges now, that go from super simple HTML and CSS to fetching data for a React application, and I plan to add new challenges every week or so, depending on time.

There's also a profile page you can add your projects to http://codecorgi.co/profile/dvidsilva and showcase your skills, is still a bit rough, but as everything, It'll keep improving.

Also, this time around, all the code is open-source, https://github.com/corgicode/api https://github.com/corgicode/frontend-react if you'd like to checkout a codebase and see the progress of the application; and if you're looking for some projects to contribute I'd be happy to walk you through it and have some pairing sessions. Our roadmap is also open, you can see it on waffle, https://waffle.io/corgicode/frontend-react https://waffle.io/corgicode/api

Feedback is welcome! looking forward to seeing your submissions. You can email me at david@codecorgi.co if you want to talk personally to me.

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