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Day 189: Lessons

liner notes:

  • Professional : Got up early to take part in all the team building activities happening today. They were really fun and got to work with team members I don't get a chance to. Had the greater team meeting where we go over each section of the team and see how they are progressing on goals. Worked on the hackathon project. Added a mode where if it's not the player's turn, the video will be smaller and the OCR will not run. When it is the player's turn, the video grows larger and OCR starts running. Based on feedback from my teammates, I moved the hit-box (where the OCR runs) to the center. Seemed to work a lot better.

  • Personal : Went through some tracks for this week's radio show. Worked on my side project. I think I may have come up with a way work around an error that was popping up and make it easier to control the layout of videos.

Coastline of Cape Point, South Africa

We will be presenting our hackathon projects tomorrow so I spent some time fine tuning the OCR with my team after work. Going to work on my side project and go to bed. I want to get up early to see if anything needs to be done before the presentation. A whole lot love lessons learned today.

Have a great night!

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