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Day 214: I went outside today

liner notes:

  • Professional : Pretty chill day. A meeting got canceled so I took the day to finish up this blog post. Got quite a but done. Going to go over it again and submit it to be reviewed. I may need to take some screenshots and recordings to make things clearer. I'll see once I look it over again.

  • Personal : Drove to the park again to do work and charge my battery. Been here the whole day and my battery went from around 25% to 64%. Probably would have been more, but it has gotten cloudy and is currently raining. I have the solar panels still out in the rain (they are supposed to be able to be left outside) and I'm getting like 10 Watts. Just enough to keep the battery level steady. It's been at 64% for a while. Can't wait to get the panels installed on the roof. I went outside today again and walked around the park. It was really nice.

Marine Street Beach in California with five seagulls flying at sunset

Once the rain stops, going to pack up my solar panels. At least I don't have to wash them off ow. haha. Then I'll head to my parking spot, work on my blog for work, do more stuff on my side project, work on the radio show, maybe watch some anime, and call it a night. Oh, last night I basically recreated the old site's front end using Sapper/Svelte for the new site. Wasn't too bad.

Have a great night!

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