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Day 523 : Heavy

liner notes:

  • Professional : Soooo many meetings today. haha. Afterwards, I just worked on updating the docs. I have a demo application where I can test stuff out on. Had some questions, so I asked the team and will probably hear something back tomorrow.

  • Personal : Last night, I got the admin part of my new side project up and running. I was able to add scaffold a project and hook up the database and set up authentication. After that, I watched an episode of "Demon Slayer" and went to bed.

Looking up at the star-field night sky above Silverthorne, CO, United States

Going to set up some functions to get and create some data that will be needed for my side project. Then I want to have the data show up in the admin so I can save it to the database. Once I get that done, I can start working on showing the data on the front-end. After working on the database stuff, I want to watch an episode of "Demon Slayer" and go to bed. I added a brace to the stand I bought for the projector because it is a little too heavy for the stand it some times falls down.

Have a great night!

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