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Day 595 : Changes

liner notes:

  • Saturday : So, I was leaving the van to get ready for the station and when I opened the sliding door, there was a white frog hanging out in the door spacing. I quickly shut the door and was basically trapped because I was pretty sure there were frogs in the other doors as well. haha I slowly opened the driver's door and there weren't any frogs. Needless to say, I left for the station much later than I thought. haha Got to the station, set up and had a good time. The recording of this week's show is at

Radio show episode image of a white frog on a light green branch with the words July 16th 2022 988

  • Sunday : Did my cyphers and actually got some work done on my side project. Ended the night watching some episodes of "The Rising of the Shield Hero".

  • Professional : Had a surprising a lot meetings today. Normally it's just a couple, but there was some big news and we got together to talk about it and asked questions. Spoke with the team about a demo I was building. Then did some more editing on some videos I recorded that got reviewed. Just a couple of small things and the program I used to put it together makes it pretty easy to make changes.

  • Personal : I'm thinking this week, I'll get the proof of concept for the front end of my side project worked out.

View of a river with small waterfalls surrounded by trees in Lynn Camp Prong, TN, USA

Not sure how much stuff I'm going to get done. I think I slept bad and my neck has been killing me. May just call it a night early and watch some anime and relax.

Have a great night!

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