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Day 62 : 2019 Rap Up

liner notes:

  • Professional : First day of 2020 back at work. Weird thing is that it still doesn't feel like work. haha I would be doing this anyway. Now I just get paid for it and have a focus for projects. haha. So yeah, more research and working on projects.

  • Personal : Made a lot of progress on my current side project, at least until I got to the library. I got it hooked up to Firebase for hosting and Firestore database. That took awhile because there are some steps to make Sapper / Svelte work with Firebase. Thanks to some research and tweaking, got it working and a test site deployed. Came to the library downtown so I would be closer to the venue. Using my phone's hotspot to connect my laptop to the internet, I noticed I was getting errors when I wasn't on my home's WiFi. Looks like the scripts for Firebase and Firestore are taking a while to download of the hotspot's connection and it causes errors with my code that relies on them to get data from the backend. I think I saw a video from Firebase where they did some things to speed it up with hydration. Got to find that video again. Pretty sure it was during the Chrome Developer Summit.

Looking down a waterfall in Kerepakupai Meru, Venezuela

Headed to my first meetup of 2020! It's a VueJS meetup at a coffee shop. Just some folks nerding out about Vue. I haven't built anything with it yet so I'm interested in seeing what others think about it and what they've built.

Have a great night!

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