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Day 80: The Setup

liner notes:

  • Professional : Made it to the hotel. It was too early to check in so I went to the registration room to get my badge and swag bag. In the same room are the tables where the exhibitors will be located. My coworker who's also the organizer of the conference showed me the table we'll be using. All our equipment was already delivered and waiting for us. There was a team meeting that logged into from the meeting room. Got the setup of the table and signage completed. Here's a pic:

Table set up for Sunshine PHP 2020 with various Nexmo / Vonage swag

  • Personal : So around 4pm, it was time to check into my room. Did that and started working on my side project because I noticed that when there are 2 sequential 360 photos, the image doesn't change. I believe it's because I'm using a plugin and the image source probably doesn't change. Hoping to get that worked out soon. I've got an idea.

Arial view of D'Urville Island, New Zealand with green hills, winding roads and an ocean at the top

Got invited to go to the speaker's dinner tonight. Looking forward to it. I want to try and work out this 360 photo issue before I go. Tomorrow is the first official day of Sunshine PHP. Going to be a pretty good time.

You can check everything out at

Have a great night!

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