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Discussion on: My 1st Programming Language

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Nice experience!

Learning through reading is never better than learning through watching

I would have to disagree :) But I guess it really depends on the person

I also have a question, how was it switching to languages like Java, which are statically typed? Was it hard?

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Arrush Author • Edited

Hi DynamicSquid,

First of all, thank you for your time and interest in my first blog. Regarding your question, it is not hard to switch to statically typed languages like Java, but generally, the learning curve is a bit steep initially because you are trying to familiarise yourself with the environment provided by the language you will be using. As such, when switching to Java, I was unfamiliar with areas that Python did not have i.e. bytecode.

If you are generally strict with types, then switching languages will also not be hard. Python also allows you to explicitly state the types which is what I do so my IDE will stop complaining.

Thanks and I hope my response will help you!