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Awesome list in GitHub is awesome.

e99h2121 profile image YAMADA Nobuko ・1 min read

I checked

It is the "awesome list" on the GitHub, and I found a lot of really awesome stuff.

What is an awesome list?

A list of repositories in GitHub.
An awesome list is a curated repository on a specific topic, usually listed in a Markdown list. Also accepts contributions (more popular repositories have stricter guidelines).




If you want your list to be included on awesome, try to only include actual awesome stuff in your list. After all, it's a curation, not a collection.

But what is awesome?

Only awesome is awesome
Research if the stuff you're including is actually awesome. Only put stuff on the list that you or another contributor can personally recommend. You should rather leave stuff out than include too much.

In other words, it's a complete list of AWESOME things.


List of Free Learning Resources In Many Languages



Enjoy and play with awesome!

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