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Hey people. I'm technically a lawyer but I thought "who needs that in their lives" and somehow found myself learning and loving HTML, CSS and JS. It's only been 7-8 months since I started learning, so everything is a little intimidating still, but I'm hoping to be the best frontend developer anyone has ever seen (lol). Anyway looking forward to chat with you all :3


You made the good choice by learning to code. Welcome here !


Thank you, I definitely feel welcomed!


Love HTML. Gives so much control over the code. Welcome! I am a newbie too.


I'm learning more and more that, while HTML decides the content, CSS exerts a lot of control over how that content is displayed. It's a whole new world!

And isn't amazing that when you write a couple lines of code, it only takes you 2 seconds to refresh the page and see the results of what you did? I absolutely love that about coding :)

Agree. In fact there are websites that allow you to test it LIVE! Real time changes to what the code is doing. Have found these spaces excellent resources for both learning and teaching.


Hey! I was transport manager and i thought the same :D Welcome!


You go girl, best of luck to you!


Hi Ece! I also just left my safe Managing position in a travel agency to pursue my dream and start coding coding coding! Wish you all the luck in the world!


It takes a lot of courage doesn't it? I love success stories about changing careers and chasing dreams :)

It does! but choosing with the heart is the only way to choose! now its the time for hard work and determination! see you along the way!

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