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I created my first open source project in 7 days and released it today

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Hi everyone! How's your #hacktoberfest progress going so far?

Today I released my first source project https://github.com/EddyVinck/ConfTalks

ConfTalks is an idea I had last sunday. I worked on it after work all week to get it in a usable state by today. It's an open source index of already recorded and scheduled conference talks to help you decide if you should go.

Check out the live version here: https://conftalks.org

The list of conference talks on ConfTalks

If you check the issues you can see I've already added a few issues for conference data to add. Feel free to open up a PR for any conference data you would like to add.

When I am deciding if a conference is worth attending I usually check out the list of talks. I then decide which talks I'd like to see. Then I check YouTube to see if those talks are already uploaded. If the majority of the talks are recorded, then maybe it isn't worth going to the conference. Ideally there would be a website that can help find these talks. I couldn't find one, so I made one! And you can help! All the data is currently stored in 4 JSON files and anybody can contribute! I'm in need of contributors for the data as I can't possibly do it all myself of course.

If the project gets enough users I'll start working on a proper back-end which will make it easier to add talks.

I used the following to create ConfTalks:

  • React with NextJS
  • Styled Components
  • Netlify for deployment
  • Local storage to save your bookmarks
  • Simple JSON files for the data
  • Email Octopus for the newsletter

I created a free newsletter and a community Slack workspace you can join if you are interested in hearing more about ConfTalks or want to get involved.

Check it out! https://conftalks.org

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Hi Eddy, more than just a modern day version of one of those Ben Franklin decision making trees, is the utility of conference talks past - something that so many talk (pundit) about for years to come as if they were great moments long since past, and missed by others.

Well... Maybe not! Notable moments of relevance in a searchable purpose built resource might even be useful for those tapped to deliver key notes at upcoming conventions and conferences.

Looking forward to contributing something relevant myself here where your project is concerned.

Let's all give back and receive that warm fuzzy feeling in return, something more valuable than some arbitrary amount of temporary walking around money that is soon forgotten.


Thank you for your kind words Bradley! I look forward to your contributions.

If you want an easy way to communicate with other contributors and myself you can join our community Slack. We also have a newsletter if you're interested.


That's awesome site! i'll contribute soon, small css to make it more awesome.


Thanks Ashar! If you're interested in conferences and would like to like to stay up to date you can join our community Slack. We also have a newsletter 🙂


Thanks Shizam! If you'd like to stay up to date you can join our community Slack. We also have a newsletter.


Great Work dude, will look into how i can contribute towards your project


Thanks Muhammed! I really appreciate that! If you want you can join our community Slack if you want an easy place to discuss contributions with the other contributors and myself. We also have a newsletter.


Thanks Maximiliano! I'm glad you like it. Feel free to join the community Slack or the newsletter if you'd like to receive updates about the project. Of course I will also post updates here on DEV, but those other channels will get it first!


Thanks! It will only get better from now on :)


Its incredible what you can do with your time after work!


Indeed it is! That's what is so awesome about being a developer! 🙂
Thanks Alejandro! You can join our community Slack if you want to. We also have a newsletter.