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I have kids, and definitely find it challenging. But I’ve found it possible to double-up some activities with non-interactive learning. For a while, I walked for 50 mins about two times a week, and was able to read through The Rust Programming Language book. I’ll sometimes watch videos on a topic (Wes Bos’s CSS Gris course) while eating at my desk. I’m thinking of trying out podcasts during commutes. Today I’m reading dev.to on my phone as I eat lunch.


Can you elaborate on the rust programming book? you were reading this while walking? or doing an audio book? I don't think i would get much out of a programming audio book, but I don't think I could read while walking either :D

I generally skip lunch, and thankfully already listen to podcasts on my few commutes during the week, but good tips nonetheless!


It was the ebook version (doc.rust-lang.org/book/); I read it on my phone in a browser as I walked.

Best of luck finding time to invest in staying sharp.

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