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I've made an incremental game. . .

(Sorry for my English, it's not my native)
So, I'd like to share with you my experience of making incremental games (Merely clickers). Firstly, I figured out what incremnetal games are, at all. I spent a few days to find out what each incremental game should have and why am I makings this game, at all? What the difference from all those that already exist. So, I took a think and distinguished some main aims that I would like to implement:

  1. You take on the role of evilness
  2. Implement some graphs
  3. Algorithm for writing huge numbers using latin prefixes
  4. Using a hash function MD5 for saving protection


As I think there are not really much incremental games where you can take on the role of evilness. Thus my decision was to make this game in dark atmosphere. You came to this world to destroy humanity and protectors of the earth don't allow you to get your goals. . . Something like this. Clickers don't have a big precursor, because you concentrate on game process, at usual.


I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, thus I decided to use LiveChars library (C#) to implement this. I've gotten this:
Alt Text
The first graph shows the ratio of your main character's characteristics. The second one do the same, but you also see how characteristics grow to your char level. Finally, the third one shows how your gold grows to the char level. All the graphs automatically update every five levels.


It seemed to me a little difficult, at first, but then I've implemented it. Here you go an example of working this algorithm (from my presentation):

Alt Text
(If you are interested in the implementation of this algorithm just write me)


Image says about 1024 words, the ratio of SavingName and UserName:

Alt Text
When you create a new user, your name and unique MD5 hash function will be added to Users table, then, if you make a saving, you add to Savings table your saving name and automatically created MD5 function. (talbes in SQLite database)

Abstract process of saving function checking:

Alt Text
If someone add to his directory another's person saving file he'll get next message:

Alt Text

It merely checks user's and saving's function in database and if it's not the same it won't load and print that message above.

So, what I've gotten from this project?
1. How incremental games work
2. How to work with database (SQLite)
3. How to write huge numbers
4. MD5 hash function notion

P.S. You can check this game process on my instagram account (@ederikabartson)
My instagram account -
Here you go direct link to that video -
Link to my presentation -

By the way, if you want to get this game, just write me anywhere you wish ;)

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