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Blog Post 8: Learning Journey Week of 11/8/2021

Another week went by with my journey into learning Coding, Ruby, HTML, and CSS. I feel that as everyday passes, I am able to understand this new world that I have submerged myself into.

Another learning tool that my mentor Gino has given me was advice on how to approach learning with a book by Barbara Oakley titled "A Mind for Numbers." I rarely read but Gino encouraged me to read the book and understand how learning takes different shapes and sizes. I am currently in chapter 5 and it is going great.

Gino had me download an app called SoloCode and that has been a great help in understanding how HTML and CSS worked together when I created page in VSCode. There are fill in the blanks when taking the lessons on the app as well as short quizzes that I am confident in saying I have passed them all!

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