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Discussion on: What is the hardest thing about learning to code?

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Eduard Llach

Once you arrived a certain grade of knowledge, is very easy to think that you know "a lot" and you can't be wrong.

I've worked with people that is never wrong, if there's an error is because somebody touched their code and that their algorithm is perfect and covers all the cases...

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Jesse Phillips

I think their is also humidity needed when you know you don't know everything and pros and cons exist for everything. Being surrounded by those requesting less then optimal use of time or seeking 'the' pattern still requires te right level of humble response.

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Andrew Wynyard

I’ve met a whole bunch of people who are insanely arrogant about what they know, and if you don’t know as much (less experience) then they hold it over others. Insanely counterproductive, and never leads to helping people develop. I’ve found this in the likes of Java/.net, but much less in JS stacks or anything open source.