How to find and identify a great mentor for me?

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Hello DEV.to,

I am currently looking for a mentor to guide & facilitate my growth as a technical professional & software engineer. What characteristics should I be looking for in a mentor? And where would be the best place to find this person?

Most likely this is a very specific ask with different answers depending on my needs and preferences. In summary, I am a relatively new (less than 1 year) Lead Engineer on a tiny team with about 5 years of Ruby On Rails working experience. There are topics related to legacy code and hiring that I would like to talk with a more experienced person about.

I would love to hear any advice on finding this person! Open to talking with any mentors that are reading this and is looking for an eager learner :)

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Hey Edwin
First of all, when looking for a mentor one of the things you gotta have to make it better for you and the mentor is to have clear expectations of what you want to accomplish and also how could you be able to establish the communication with said mentor.

Ideally, the mentor should not only be a person technically skilled in your area of dev (i.e. Ruby) but also someone who has the time, the disposition, the right attitude and overall has that sense of caring for others and giving back to the tech community.

Two places I recommend for you to look for that person are codingcoach and mentorcruise.

Good luck on your journey and keep on going!


Thanks Juan!

Great advice on finding a mentor and also I'll take a look at those sites and see if anyone is a good match :)

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