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re: Which tech platform and tools do you use?


App development is mostly done with Xamarin, Visual Studio (for Mac) and Azure.

But Ionicframework is also a viable option for the Mobile app stuff.

I use Parallels with Visual Studio for Windows since there are some nicer templates in the windows variant. We use this for API and backend development.

nb: we're always exploring and checking other options like Flutter, to keep a good vision of what the market is moving towards and to keep up to date. But our knowledge is our strength and we use that with the MS stack right now.

Azure DevOps and App Center are also used often for project management, SCM and test distribution of app solutions.

Other tools

  • Trello for planning
  • Wordpress for blogging, we use to pivot product ideas and create landing pages.
  • Sketch and Invision Studio for screen designs and visualizations
  • OneNote for note keeping
  • Office 365 for document stuff and communications, Teams for in-house chatter
  • We use some SaaS like Zapier for PoC setups etc.

Thanks for the information. You have a great set of tools/ stack.

You're welcome. I don't believe in an "ideal stack". I believe in finding the stack that suits your team's knowledge, context, and purpose in the best way possible.

For now, it's the one stated above. We'll see where we'll be in the next 5 years 😅

Personally, in my team we love dotnet stack and it has been meeting our needs. Notwithstanding, like you said, it depends on what works for a team. Thanks for your response.

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