My Understanding of the Scrum Framework and Benefits Of the Scrum Events

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One can not talk about scrum without mentioning about Agile since scrum is used to implement Agile software development methodology. So, let’s first know what is Agile software development methodology and why is it needed.

Firstly, software development usually means writing code to most people, but it is actually more than that. Software development involves many strategized steps that lead to its completion in an organized manner, for the product to be evaluated and tested. Along with those steps, many people are involved responsible for different tasks that lead to the completion of the project.

Agile methodology came as an approach to assist software developers to effectively manage projects. With Agile, requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of the development teams that work hand in hand with their customers/end users.

Scrum is an Agile management framework. It follows the principle of agile, It is an iterative and incremental process. Those Scrum iterations are time-boxed, and they are called sprints. A sprint is basically 2 to 4 weeks long. Product owner, Scrum Master, the development team are all a part of a scrum team. Scrum has a set of events that are practiced to achieve an effective result. Those events are sprints, sprint-plannings, daily stand-ups, sprint reviews, and retrospection meetings.

Sprints are the actual set of a period a certain task should be completed, while sprint-pannings are held at the very beginning of each sprint to define the sprint backlog. Daily stand-ups are 15-minute stand-up meetings held on a daily basis with the purpose of synchronizing the work of team members. They highlight what has been done on the prior day, what needs to be done today and identify any blocker that might have risen.

Sprint reviews are held at the end of each sprint to demonstrate the added functionality. The goal is to get feedback from the product owner and other stakeholders to ensure that the delivered results meet the requirements. While retrospections meetings are also held at the end of each sprint, their purpose is to asses the overall performance and identify strategies for continuous improvement.

Scrum has many benefits, like allowing the development team to work simultaneously rather than sequentially. It allows all team players to start working on their parts without waiting until all questions to be answered. With Scrum, everything is flexible and changeable during the life of the project and even after. Hence with Scrum, there is adaptability since changes can be supported and integrated into a project currently in progress.

Another big benefit of Scrum is that it allows the team to prioritize. With Scrum, tasks are prioritized by order of importance and this usually means that tasks that will probably affect the project the most are completed first. And it is achieved through the constant communication associated with scrum.


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