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How To Train Your UI / UX Designer Skills


Find things, design, works that you like most. Use Dribble, Behance, Pinterest, Artstation, websites and apps, real objects around you to be prepared for the next step.


Take a look at each piece of the work or object. Deconstruct the whole into smalls pieces: Logo, headline, paragraph, images, icons, bars, lines, shapes, white space, colours, etc.


Try to understand why the creator used exactly these colors, shapes, typography, why this element is here, why this size, why this message, ask a lot of why.


Try to find the way to improve or optimize the work or object for the person who will use it. Is there any way to make it easier to use, to make it faster?


Keeping in mind the previous step, recreate or model the work. If there is nothing to improve, copy it. When copy, remember: It's not your work, it's only for your practicem don't steal!.


Follow all these steps every day until you start seeing pieces/parts/elements of objects, websites or apps without thinking. You will find a lot of similarities and your skills will jump to the next level!.

Thx for read the docs, hope your enjoy it.

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