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Crowtail NodeMCU IOT Kit for Christmas

The big kid got an IOT kit for Christmas. He's obsessed with electronics so we thought this would be a fun experiment. So far it's proven to be a bit tricky. I'm going to document our progress here since I haven't found a great resource yet to help us.

  1. Out of the box it seems like either we're missing some parts (based on photos I've found) or we have some updated version of the kit. The first lesson is an LED but we don't have the basic LED module that is displayed in the manual.
  2. There wasn't a manual with the kit so I had to dig around on the product page to find one and print out. It appears to be loosely translated from another language into English.
  3. We downloaded the LUALoader app and installed that on a very inexpensive Windows laptop that the kids use. After fighting a bit with the first step in the manual of connecting to a port I was finally able to get it working by changing to an Admin user on the computer and rebooting. I'm not certain how to know which COM port to use but when I rebooted a COM3 showed up (previously only COM2 and COM4 appeared) so when I picked that it connected.
  4. So far we haven't gotten the LED that we did have in the kit to light up as indicated in the first lesson. Now looking at the photo of the product from the Elecrow website, it doesn't show the yellow LED I tried, so maybe I will try the red or green and see if that makes a difference.

Stay tuned. :)

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