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Retrieve forgotten password in Android Studio (IntelliJ IDEA)

Annotation 2020-01-19 183037
No idea, why EYE button is gone?

I was not successfully to seeds plain password from these files, always cryptic with [*] symbol:

IDE log at ~\user\AndroidStudio\system\log\idea.log*

Gradle Task log at ~\projectDir\.gradle\5.4.1\executionHistory\*.bin

and anything with *.bin extension in this gradle directory, e.g. taskHistory.bin

Annotation 2020-01-19 172555


What the HELL with new Intellij version?????

Let’s find the solution, we can use key manager for my issue:

Annotation 2020-01-19 172449

  1. Check it ~\.AndroidStudio3.5\config\*.kdbx
  2. Set master password
  3. Access with KeePass (copy to show only in 12 seconds)
  4. DONE

Annotation 2020-01-19 172341

Annotation 2020-01-19 182246

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