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I happen to be disproportionately lucky—which is how it should be everywhere, ofc, but still statistically I am lucky.

I'm in my first full-time web dev position. Salaries are transparent, my colleagues are respectful, my (male) team lead appreciates and listens to me the way he does other team members, there is a person to report misconduct to, etc. No one is even rude about my personal life, which is way better than most non-tech fields here. (It's culturally/traditionally common in my country to badger women who are not interested in domestic life. 🙄)

Life being what it is, I probably shouldn't get too happy just yet but I'll enjoy it while I can... 🤷🏽‍♀️😬


It's awesome! 😃So far you are willing to go to work and being in a healthy environment you have 100% right to much happiness 😊


Wow! Very nice! Being happy is never wasted. So be all the "too happy" and you want. :-)

I am however very curious. How does the transparent salaries work?
Does everyone know what everyone else earns?
I have long thought that the "dont discus your salary"-culture mostly works in the employers favour, and should be wiped out for the benefit of the employees.

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