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Most of the criticism in this article refers to the plethora of API/specs, libraries, and methodologies. Definitely it is confusing and frustrating at times with the choices overload and ever-changing trends. Same can be said about any part of web development though—this fragmentation characterizes the web dev world in general. Heck, how many ways do we have to define a function in JS? To render a page (server side, client side, SSG some of the content and client-render the rest)?

CSS tools' increasing complexity also grows from JS tools' increasing complexity (eg. CSS-in-JS like Styled Components would not gain so much traction if not bcs of React's component-based UI approach).

I don't mind any of those getting called out. What I do object is when people (speaking generally, not necessarily the OP) use this to diss CSS as a whole. Just acknowledge it's a skillset on its own--some are good at / keen on it, some others are not--not some "easy" throwaway skillset that every coder can do.

Anyway, personally I have better peace of mind when not trying to catch up with all the latest tools (both CSS and JS). For many cases, writing plain CSS + CSS variables is enough for me. 🤷🏽‍♀️


When it comes to styling, we have never invented anything new, we have just optimized existing methods to achieve more specific tasks. They are all just styles after all.

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