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I want to catch the Java train

What? Does Java have a new release every 6 months? My project can’t follow this… My company won’t even want that!

I’ve already got to deal with delayed projects, bugs to be fixed, angry customers on the phone… How am I supposed to keep up with 6 months' versions?

Being up to date with Java versions can be huge for you and your projects. Performance improvements, to be more productive writing code… not to mention making sure you have a secure environment!

Being up-to-date is also great for your career as a developer. And there is an easier way to do that! You don’t need to do it all at once, and you don’t need to do it alone.

I’m starting a series of content that will help you along the way. Together, we can work on each feature. Join me on this journey and let’s catch the Java release train together!

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Mehdi Shahdoost

It's really cool if you could writing this series of posts.

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Elder Moraes

It's awesome that you mentioned it because the second post is published! Check it here:

Thanks for your comment!