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Feel proud of yourself.

Very recently I asked on Twitter: "Do you feel proud of yourself", before I see the answers I was sure that people would say "Yes"... boy, I was wrong!

To my surprise, many people said they are not proud, so although my initial thought was to create a motivational tweet it turned out (by some people) to be the exact opposite.

Since I couldn't prove my point on Twitter, which by the way it is YOU SHOULD FEEL PROUF OF YOURSELF, I'm going to try to do it here!

Do you feel proud of yourself?

— Eleftheria Batsou (@BatsouElef) April 13, 2021

Feel proud

~ You don't have to be rich, you don't have to own a house, a Ferrari or have all the latest tech trends at your home.

~ Feel proud that you have internet connection and a computer to do your job.

~ Feel even more proud that you have your health, a home, a family.

You don't even have to have all those things to feel proud. Just 1 or 2 and it's enough.

~ Celebrate the small wins.

~ Celebrate a task you completed.

~ Celebrate that you help your mom on her old computer.

~ Celebrate the help you gave to an older person at the grocery shop.

~ Feel happy that there is peace in your country.

~ Feel happy that there is electricity in your house.

~ Feel happy that you can use the internet and learn literally everything that you want.

~ Forget how you felt yesterday.

~ Forget how your ex-boss or your ex-partner told you that you are unworthy.

Cause you do worth everything you have! You are powerful and you are strong. I'm not saying you should forget your past, no, we learn from our mistakes, hell I made so many mistakes... but these are the things who shape you, these are the things that make you worthy.


Usually, when I include a Tweet on my posts I'll write pretty much all the answers, this time I won't do that. I want to include only the positive answers!!

Positive responses - Feeling proud on Twitter

"Do you feel proud of yourself?"

  • Yes, of course.
  • I feel proud about the small achievements.
  • For every small achievement I reach as a person, I feel proud of myself. I don't wait for big achievements.
  • Of course, I am. I’m proud of who I’m becoming, all the experiences I’ve had and the progress I’m making every single day to become a better person.
  • Of course, if I didn't then I would be doing something wrong and I would correct it.
  • Of course yes... When I look back, I can feel and proud myself that how much I learned and update in my life.
  • Sure, The pride comes from building and achieving from that momentum.
  • All-day every day, I wouldn't change a thing. My experience has been awesome so far.
  • I'm proud of a lot, this year I started working a job that respects me, became a father, started truly understanding programming terminology, and have a web of people I've networked with that may not be much but it's a start.
  • Proud of becoming a human being, proud of my parents who support me a lot, have a dream to achieve my goals.
  • Right now I do. I started learning HTML and CSS from complete zero and everyday I'm learning new things and excited about the journey. After last year, that I had to deal with depression, unemployment and destructive thoughts, now I feel like a new me.
  • Overall absolutely! Married an amazing woman, have a great job, I have hobbies and people that I love. I'd say overall that's winning!
  • Always proud for myself.
  • When you're working on a side project, I feel it's hard to be proud of yourself. A small tip is to buy a calendar and write each day what you did for your project. When you feel down, you can read what you did the past weeks and feel proud of yourself!
  • Every single day but obviously I have bad days Face with tears of joy
  • Recently a lot!
  • Yes, with my faith in God only
  • Yes, I do feel proud of myself. I feel proud because of my f**king loyalty, honesty, things I am doing everyday to achieve my goals and my supportive family and friends.
  • Yes, I do feel proud of myself just not because of my behavior in respect to others but the path which I had followed the path of Dharma which always make me think about others before thinking of my own self. I can't be perfect because the sky is the limit and there is always room for improvement.

There were many more positive answers, feel free to read them here.

The point isn't to be great all the time, of course, there are bad days and of course, you should try to improve yourself BUT at the same time don't forget all your small wins!

Also, I've seen that video before but a fellow person in tech mentioned it as well. Please take 2 minutes to watch and... thank yourself!

Thank you everyone for participating in Twitter :)

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Eleftheria Batsou

Hey Pavel, first of all thank you for your comment.

Secondly, if you read carefully, I didn't say something very different than you...

Of course, keep working hard. Personally, I work very hard.
And as I said in the article, we all have bad days, but this doesn't mean you should not feel proud.

Even if I don't know you I bet you have done some cool stuff, some stuff I couldn't have done, and some stuff your company would pay for 😉.

That's what I'm trying to say.