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Discussion on: I left my job today after 7 years

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Don't worry about the day 1 bug. There will be 100 and it won't matter.

"You can be thousands of dollars out before you've made a single cent."

You don't need to be out of pocket at all. Getting started is so cheap today. AWS, Stripe. You're not paying large amounts unless the site is popular.

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James Turner Author

With the day 1 bug part, I mean more like if the entire thing collapses. 100% there will be bugs and they will affect a lot of people but let's hope nothing catastrophic on the first day!

With the out-of-pocket stuff, a lot of that is legal fees for things like trademarks, setting up the business structure, T&Cs/Privacy Policies, making sure I have the right sales tax in specific districts etc etc. Not everyone needs to do every one of these but I'm trying to get it all right from the get-go. 🙂

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