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Allow User Registration on Your WordPress

There are many reasons why you should enable user registration in WordPress. For example, if you have a need for guest blogging, allowing your guest bloggers to register to your website and assigning them a Contributor role can really make things more efficient for you. In this way, when they’re done with their post, they can simply submit it for a review and you get to decide what to do with the post from there.

User registration can also be of excellent use in case you want to create certain areas of your website that only registered users can access, or if you want to provide them with an exclusive offer (like limited deals, for example). Finally, allowing users to register to your site can help you a great deal when it comes to your marketing strategy since, this way, you can easily reach all your registered users via email. In other words, you can effectively inform them about any news related to your brand, if you want to promote a new service or product, and so on.

Enabling WordPress User Registration in the General Settings

Before you can do anything else, you have to allow user registrations at your website first. This setting is actually turned off by default, which is why you need to go to Settings >> General in your WordPress admin to switch it on. Find the “Anyone can register” box next to the “Membership” option and mark it.

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Then, you should pick the user role that you wish to set as default. Keep in mind that whichever role you pick, it will be automatically assigned to new users that register on your site. Also, make sure to never assign the Administrator role for registered users.

Finally, once you assign your default role to users, you should click on Save Changes for the settings to take effect.

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