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How to Customize WordPress Login Page

Customize WordPress Login Page
When you customize a website for a customer, the first preference of your work is usually the WordPress login page. As we know, by default, every WordPress login page looks exactly the same. This is not a strong initial impression at all. If you are running a WordPress woo-commerce store, you may have many users to see a login page. For a better user experience, we need to customize the default WordPress login page.

The default WordPress login page looks like this.

default WordPress login page
In this post, We will see how to customize your WordPress login page easily. So let's get started.

Customize WordPress Login Page by using plugin

You can customize the WordPress login page using plugins and tools. There are many plugins to provide this feature but here, we will use the best plugin called Custom Login Page Customizer made by LoginPress.

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click on Plugin >> Add New.
  3. Type LoginPressin search bar.
  4. Click on Install Now.
  5. After Installing click on Activate.

Once you activated this plugin you will see a window to allow the permissions.

So, if you are seeking a more functional solution that provides you a lot of free effects, then Custom Login Customizer is perfect for you. Also, they have paid version with other amazing features.

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