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Well that was easy - my first contribution to bugsmash

I've been coding for years, but I'm new to the whole open source thing so I decided that the bugsmash would be a fun way to get more involved.

About The Bug

So I went to the issue list and picked a bug that I thought would be quite straight forward based on my previous coding experience.

Embedding comment in results in broken HTML #4079

Describe the bug

On my post a regular comment was posted (albeit with Japanese characters in their profile) but when I embed their comment in my profile it shows broken HTML 4 tags

post (broken): comment (not broken:


Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 17 54 52

The bug said that embeded comments didn't work as expected, and that the html inside the comment broke.

How I Smashed It

The first step to fixing a bug is to reproduce the behavior you want to fix. So thats what I did. The "problem" was that I was not able to reproduce it. After a couple of tries, and a look at the source code my conclusion was that it was probably fixed unknowingly in an earlier release. The rendering of the html was completely different when embedding a comment today - than it was in the broken comment from the original issue.

So I added a comment to the issue, sharing my conclusion. And it was approved as a valid bug-smash. Even though I technically didn't to anything else than research. :)


It felt almost to easy. But at the same time I feel very velcome in the community, and like the DEV team really appreciated my effort even though I didn't code anything. At least they were able to close the issue!

I will definitly see if there is another bug I can smash too!

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Christina Gorton

Discovering a bug is no longer a bug is a huuuuge help! Really appreciate you working on this one and helping us close this issue. Thanks again for all your help πŸ›

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Arun K C

Every contribution counts!! be it big or small. It's the initiative to help others that matters more ✌️ Good work πŸŽ‰ in finding the bug was no longer a bug πŸ›