A Starting Point for Writing Technical Blog Posts

Elizabeth Schafer on April 28, 2019

I've accumulated a lot of useful info as a front end developer over the years, and want to be able to share that with others. Unfortunately, teachi... [Read Full]
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I already have a few posts written here, but I was just thinking about searching for information on how to write technical blog posts... Then I opened dev.to and your post was in my feed

That's why I don't believe in coincidence


Excellent post - other ideas

  1. It is your opinion, experience and perspective so does not have to follow what everyone says

  2. The blog post does not have to be very long - can even be a way of keeping notes for your future self

  3. Even if many people do not read for a while, keep writing you will get to a tipping point

I use writing as a way of giving back to the community for the time they have spent helping me


Researching a lot about the subject you are going to write could help you to discover ideas and also it leads you to write more unique and adequate content.


Definitely! That reminds me, I also like to include a list of related resources that I found helpful at the end of the post. That's another way for me to feel less pressure about covering every single thing, because readers can follow those links if they're interested in learning more.


It also helps to fill some knowledge gaps about the topic you didn't even knew you had


Yup! The same thing happens when I get stuck on some code and need to ask for help. I'll start writing up a description of the problem, and in the middle of that, I'll notice things I had missed before.


It's depend which level of audience, for example newbie.


Agreed. If you're going to say "assume your readers already have the required background knowledge," you need to start off by saying what knowledge you're assuming they know.


That's a really good point. Listing prerequisites before the post would be a great way to point beginners in the right direction.


This was great, nice work! I've had trouble getting started as well and plan to use this in the future.


This is really great. Been struggling with this for a while now and it has proven to be a great guide.

Thanks again for sharing


Great article! I was wondering how did you make that profile avatar. I want to make on for myself but I don't know how.

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