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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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My win this week: after spiking, profiling and instrumenting some old code with very hairy logic that was underperforming (all of which took a few weeks, on-and-off), I was able to speed it up by about x100, get it QE'd and checked into mainline. And 8 days ago on Thursday, I had thrown in the towel, and said we needed to bring in some bigger guns. Friday early morning last week, when I couldn't sleep (could barely breathe because of congestion due to a cold), I found two critical bottlenecks, jammed in a proof-of-concept hack, and asked the two bigger guns for a code review. One of them said it looked good, and then I spent this week pulling out the hack, and putting in a proper code change. The reason it was a difficult performance optimization is because two separate locations had to both be patched; if only either one location was patched it would only be a slight improvement. But in tandem, it was a night-and-day improvement.