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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) twitter logo github logo ・1 min read


Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄


Happy Friday!

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I've successfully launched an interactive 3D visualization of COVID-19 and it now has 100+ stars on github!

Here's the url: Post:


Très cool! That said, I think France is broken.


Great interactive and simple and clear map very good job on that ! I do noticed tho that Singapore is missing from the map...maybe other countries as well i didn't check every country i simply noticed the missing piece :D


Thanks! I've been busy these past few days but will definitely check this.


wow!! This is absolutely amazing. I saw a similar visualization somewhere last three weeks but this one right here is an excellent work. Keep it up bro.


That is really cool! We are looking to do something similar on our predictive site:


Nice implementation! It would be nice to see integration of /states from the API for given that USA covers such a large area.


That's really good mate. I wonder if it would be possible to include a sort of trend graph, to show how it's evolving globally... So to give a sort of narrative to the figures. Great work!


I was finally able to launch my latest project!

I'm super excited to be working with a bunch of cool technologies on an green field project (Strapi, Nuxt, Tailwind). The reception has been positive and I'm looking to grow and expand it over the coming weeks.



Can I suggest putting the headline and tagline from the about page right on the home page when not logged in?

Search, save and organize picks from a variety of today's top Podcasts to easily find at a later time.

I had to search to find out what the site was all about. Looks very well done.


Thanks Ben! I really appreciate it. I definitely will add a blurb to the home page.


I had lots of fun live coding this week and I've decided to do it Monday to Friday for anyone interested in following along as I build out stuff for DEV.

Since I'm new to streaming, I also wrote a post about getting setup on a Mac to stream to Twitch


Made big improvements in Gwion 🍾!

Also started implementing a few features in mdr, that should fully enable using it as a literate programming tool.


And about Gwion what do mean by "strongly-timed musical programming language" because I can't see any code that looks like music ?

I'm actually interested by such timed programming language and concurrency because I would be able to use it with a method called grafcet which is particularly suited for that.



I think that thing could be useful to much more people than just me.
Unfortunately I'm not really good at explaining what I do. 😕
Yet I'm still working on that 😄

There’s not always a simple answer but if you make DEV posts about this you’ll get better at explaining and you’ll also eventually find more folks to buy in on the whole thing.

Also going over the readme over and over again to try and clarify is a good thing.

if you make DEV posts about this

Yeah I think I understood that ... mostly thanks to DEV 😄
But I have to start posting now.

I have a few subjects that would possibly make correct post subjects(IMHO), let's see if I can write them down (as posts, not code)!


Could you explain more ? I have read your github and I'm not sure to understand how it is linked to literate programming ?


I agree the README is probably both unclear and messy, but I thought the fact that it build and run a Hello, World example proved it was already usable as a LP tool.

In fact, and that might something I need to clarify in the README, is build by running ./mdr README.mdr, which also creates hello_world.c, compiles it, runs it,
checks its output is correct, and remove both the source (hello_world.c) and the binary

It might be (a bit clearer) if you look at README.mdr.

Please let me know if you understand it more know, and if (any of) you have ideas to improve that.

Thanks for your interrest.

Ah ok thanks it's clearer :) I have done something like that with because it uses redlang which can be embedded in html


I launched my side project BugVilla

"Universal bug tracker for everyone! BugVilla allows team members to collaborate, discuss and kill bugs effectively."


Thank you <3. it was nice building this project, Learned a lot while making it. :D


I ran my first webinar talking about expectations on junior developers, impostor syndrome, etc. and gave it online to 64 Tech Elevator bootcamp students. I got a very touching email about it today as well.

I plugged pretty heavily in the Q&A


I plugged pretty heavily in the Q&A

JK congrats 🥳


I have officially written everything I know about functional programming in javascript, and made a roadmap of how I got there.

The series "Functional programming for your everyday javascript" is now complete.
Check out the last big post: Composition techniques


I completed a personal game jam this week! I built a 3D maze/scavenger hunt game in Unity over the course of 4 days. :) It was a lot of work, but I also had a lot of fun making it too. It's certainly somethingI'd like to play around with further.

I also published a DEV article about tutorials & how to help folks find their next project post-tutorial. :D


Hi, Lara! Congrats for making the game! I love mazes and have a sleeping project of writing a procedurally generated maze game. Is this game you just made open source?


Hi Marcelo! Thanks! It isn't open-sourced right now, but I was thinking of making it so! I want to clean up the code just a little beforehand since it's a bit messy right now (what'll happen when you rush through a project!). I'll let you know when I do have it available though. :)

That's so cool that you're making a proc gen maze game! It's a topic I'd love to learn more about. There's a book I've wanted to buy for a while now called "Mazes for Programmers". I'm thinking it might actually be a good time to give it a go soon. Anyway, I would love to see your project too! All the best with it!

I have this book, and the algorithm I'm working on is actually based on an improvement made by Jamis Buck himself over one of the algos in the book! I have the PoC implementation made in Java generating a Tiled map file or printing the maze in ASCII to the terminal. Not something I can be proud of but it's on

OK, that's really cool! Starting with ASCII and the terminal is often the first step to making something bigger and more exciting! I guess it's settled, then, I definitely need to get that book. :)

The game I've been making is just a static/kinetic maze at this point built in Unity. Now I'm wondering if I can add some proc gen features to it! Lots of possibilities to explore...


I have a few this week!

  • Found a WFH routine that is effective and efficient
  • Got my second PR merged at my new job 🎉
  • Worked out regularly 💪

Gave my first frontend development lecture at a design university.


It's a "University of Applied Art, Design and Media", they teach communication design, publishing, new media, and such things.


Software: my absolute favorite feature for my project (Nuxt Socket.IO: The Magic of Dynamic API Registration). Even though I already know I'll have my critics on this one, I think it's a pretty cool feature. Came a long way in 2 weeks, but I think it can be even better (I realize there is room for improvement!).

More importantly though:
My win is I am still ALIVE and STRONG :) Going on to 37 shortly, with no signs of slowing down 💪. This COVID-19 thing...I'm not gonna let it beat me up !


I was on the top 25 contributors in just 6 months on my new job. 😊


Congrats! Can you tell me more about the "top 25 contributors" thing? I'm curious about how that works.


One of the managers found a report plugin for BitBucket where you can see a list of the developers with the most commits in the last quarter.

It’s not the most meaningful metric but it still feels nice 😄


My most recent youtube video (and DEV article) is crushing it! Up 900% over my usual analytics. Nearly 30% of the views are from Dev itself. Very happy I joined this community 🎉


This week has been a litttle bit slow for me, as I accomplished only a little compared to last week but:

  • Learn the basics of API for the hackathon
  • Learned the very basics of blender3d (again)
  • Planned the game that I am going to make

My win this week: after spiking, profiling and instrumenting some old code with very hairy logic that was underperforming (all of which took a few weeks, on-and-off), I was able to speed it up by about x100, get it QE'd and checked into mainline. And 8 days ago on Thursday, I had thrown in the towel, and said we needed to bring in some bigger guns. Friday early morning last week, when I couldn't sleep (could barely breathe because of congestion due to a cold), I found two critical bottlenecks, jammed in a proof-of-concept hack, and asked the two bigger guns for a code review. One of them said it looked good, and then I spent this week pulling out the hack, and putting in a proper code change. The reason it was a difficult performance optimization is because two separate locations had to both be patched; if only either one location was patched it would only be a slight improvement. But in tandem, it was a night-and-day improvement.


Well there are 2 win moments that i have experienced this week.

  1. Fixed a bug which was interrupting the implementation of a new feature in the project i am working on as an intern.
  2. Finalized a side project on Python (My first project in python).

I just finished adding skin tone support to this awesome emoji Alfred workflow!
It was my first time working on an Alfred workflow and I had a lot of fun.

Added skin tone option #38

Glennmen avatar
Glennmen commented on Apr 03, 2020
  • Default no skin tone (keep same behaviour)
  • Added environment variable to change skin tone (0, 1, 2 ,3, 4)
  • Added shift modifier to copy emoji without skin tone

fixes #31

This was my first time working on an Alfred workflow 😅 but it was a lot of fun. I am open for feedback.

First credits to for inspiration how to add skin tone to an emoji. Also there are a lot of emoji that should support skin tone but the emojilib is a little out of date it seems. Hopefully it will get updated soon. I also didn't know if I should add skin tone to Copy code :+1:, I couldn't find any information if there is any spec for this or if every app implements this in their own format.

For now I used an environment variable skin_tone, but a good next improvement would be adding a new Alfred command to change skin tone.


My job has a legacy front-end for an internal project that we use; myself and another developer were tasked with upgrading it to current company libraries / UX. This last week I

  1. Got the shared module server we use going, having to teach myself how to use it as i went from other places where we use it.
  2. Got the router working and updated
  3. Got the (very) dated back end working and serving data locally.
  4. Got the first of the routes modernized to use our current UI libraries / webpack configuration.
  5. Put the repo in such a place that the other two people working with me have simply branched off of my work to finish their own.

released a little service that allow you to keep track of your twitter unfollower.


Finishing up on the Communicating with Server section of Full Stack Open! Next week I will dedicate my time on Programming a server with NodeJS and Express - looking forward into learning more about backend technology!


This tweet made my day a few days back:

In more trivial news: I got Spiderman 4 on PS4 (plus all DLCs) to 100% completion. It's been a long time since I managed to get a game to platinum.


My win was to be able to make my mom realize how important it is to stay home in this pandemic.

  1. In my COVID-19 website, I added the trending news page and the search functionality. Do check it here

  2. I built a company's website. Check it out here

  3. I solved 3 algorithm questions and wrote an article for each. Check them out:


Finally found the motivation to edit this video:


After few months of thoughts and trials I have almost achieved what I wanted as proof of concept for a flexible and productive visual structured code editor (Block or Flow Editor) with code snippet / templating and completely programming language agnostic (so no forcing you to use a foreign paradigm and/or custom language ) - later it will have simple code generation and help you transition to state machine so you can implement that with frameworks like xstate or an algorithm I'll give based on grafcet (which is used in complex manufacturing, robotics and iot startups are discovering it and I'm trying to make it known even more widely).

Block editor

It makes programming much more inclusive: in engineering school coding wasn't my major (which was rather Thermodynamics and Statistics) I was last in assembly class, thanks to that method of programming I jumped to first place at the coding project of the year that's why I really wanted it to accelerate my own learning curve and also for speed coding and better architecture overview.

I have also made a kit for kids in under-development countries who don't have computer, this is a mockup in 3D:

learn programming for kids without screen

Though it is at concept stage, I'm now able to use it for real to reverse opensource project structure to get an understanding at a glance.

At the moment it's a figma template I'll distribute for free on grafcet online . I'll then make a tutorial for it on and I also show for people interested advanced features like branching and parallelism/concurrency which is part of grafcet concept for realtime distributed concurrent programming.

Some companies in France are also interested for kids but at the moment i'm focused on adults.


I finally learned React 😌 I hated react so much that I never wanted to learn. But I came across this interesting project and I had to learn! :)


Uploaded my first 'follow-along' style tutorial on my YouTube channel:


I published an article about asynchronous programming in C#. I'm very proud of it and I received positive feedbacks about it 😊😊😊


I got someone interested on sponsoring

It feels awesome.

Look at the new design here.


Finally revamped my website and wrote a post about how to create a multilingual static blog like mine using Nuxt and Markdown. in case you want to check it


learned some basics Linux command line and i am planning to enter Linux world


I published an article about “Getting started with create react app”. That was my very first article on 🙊 I got bunch of positive feedbacks. I’m proud of myself. 😁


Diving into "Ansible for Devops" for the first time. :-)


im still alive and well.
im living in asia, so yeah


Finally getting jq to give me my values as a CSV. Like pulling teeth with a wrench! 😬


After weeks of postponing, I finally got through 4 chapters of Head First Kotlin, thanks to internet outages I was experiencing


WFH is actually osm!
successfully fix performance issue!
write my first python program!



Got my "AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner" :-)

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