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Discussion on: Just getting started

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Elliot Jackson

If it's apps you want to build then the two options from your list are Swift and React Native. My personal (biased) recommendation would be to learn Swift. I think it's an approchable and readable language for a beginner and I know I certainly benefitted from learning a statically typed language.

I'll disclaim that I haven't gone back to try React Native in a couple of years but back then at least the tooling around it took so much messing around with to get it working that it was much faster from a developer productivity standpoint to just use Swift. Your binary sizes will also be smaller and your apps will run faster.

If you start with React Native, as you build more complex apps you'll eventually be required to reach for Swift anyway to use a specific framework or to access granular controls that either haven't been exposed in a React Native library or just haven't been kept up to date.

Whatever you decide to go for, best of luck to you! It's a lot of fun!

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I'd mention a third option: Flutter - it's powerful and it's really gaining steam.