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Technologies Used

This is my first serious full stack project using the MongoDB, React, Express and NodeJS (MERN) Stack. Featuring a custom authentication system using JSON Web Tokens for session management, and Google OAuth for SSO.


  • Custom theme and design, layout preplanned in Inkscape, a vector based graphics editor.
  • Custom CSS implemented using TailwindCSS, a utility based CSS framework.
  • Fully responsive design for a better User Experience.
  • State management involved React's useReducer hook and their Context API.
  • Live chat feature uses WebSockets, implemented by the NodeJS package, allowing for full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection. This allows for all clients to receive socket messages at the same time and update thier state accordingly.
  • Mongoose, a MongoDB wrapper, was used as a Object Relational Wrapper (ORM) to simplify the process of reading and writing to the database.


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