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Project Elpis #4: Checkpoints


This week I fixed some stuff and added a few new things.

First, I fixed the jump attacks that I talked about last week. We decided to just limit the amount of jump attacks to once per jump. So, I added a attackLock variable that determines whether or not the player can attack. If the player has already attacked once after jumping, the attackLock is set to true until the player returns back to the ground.

Then, I added checkpoints to our game. When the player reaches a checkpoint and presses the up arrow key, it restores the player’s health back to full. It’s pretty simple to make cuz I just changed the portal code up a little bit and used the corner notification system that Kevin made. I also adjusted the portal. Now, if the player wants to enter the portal, the player has to press the up arrow key as well.

Alt Text

Lastly, I added dashing to the main character. Part of the reason that I decided to finish the dash movement this week was because whenever we had to test the game, it took too long to finish the level. Now that we have dashing, the character can move much faster, and we don’t have to walk for a long time when we just want to test a minor thing.

Oh and I also reorganized the folders and deleted some levels that I created for testing cuz Kevin was complaining XD

- Katherine :)

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Alek Westover • Edited

just beat the game! had some pretty epic fights with the slimes, but I got them in the end.