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React Functional over Class components ? 🤔

Component is a reusable part that should be able to use anywhere inside user interface.

There are two way to create component, first using functional component and second using class component, I prefer using functional except when I need using state management or take benefit from lifecycle, here is why

Functional component or stateless component

  • Just function that return HTML
  • Give solution without managing state and able to consume props
    function Hey(props){
        return <h1> hello {}</h1>
    export default Hey
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  • No render method, just return
  • Component lifecycle such as mounting and updating doesn't exist, instead functional component using useEffect() to replicate lifecycle behavior, and useState() to store state

Class component or stateful component

  • Classes that extends component class from react library
  • Managing state this.setState and able to consume props with this.props
  • Have render() method, and must using it to render HTML
  • Have three phases of lifecycle there is mounting, updating, unmounting
    • Mounting: when putting elements into the DOM (constructor, getDrivedStateFromProps, render, componentDidMount)
    • Updating: when component is updated (getDerivedStateFromProps, shouldComponentUpdate, render, getSnapshotBeforeUpdate, componentDidUpdate)
    • Unmounting: when component remove from the DOM (componentWillUnmount)
    import React, { Component } from "react";
    class Hey extends Component{
        constructor(props) {
            this.state = {
        render() {
               <h1> Hey {} </h1>
    export default Hey
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So why functional components ?

  • Less code
  • More readable because it's like a plain javascript function
  • More easy to separate from container


If you don't need your own state or access lifecycle, use functional component as much as possible

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