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Top 10 Latest AngularJS Development Tools 2021.

AngularJS is the frontend technology that prominently works on the dynamics and swiftness of the user interface. So when it comes to the user experience you can not take it for granted. AngularJS development tools facilitate the development process and allow you to deliver more refined results.

One might think there are plenty of options available in the market, which consist of amazing unique features. Which one to choose? Which one will provide the best results? What would be viable for the long run? Too many thoughts create a dilemma when opting for one. In this scenario, There. I have done thorough research based on the benefits and drawbacks of various angular tools that would make it convenient for you to select the most efficient tool as per your project's requirement!


Webstorm is built on the open-source IntelliJ Platform. Webstorm provides intelligent coding assistance and makes a profound foundation among Javascript languages, HTML, CSS, and Node.js.
It has powerful inbuilt tools, making it a preferable choice as it significantly makes the tasks of debugging, tracing, and testing convenient. Additionally, it clubs the other features and tools like Mocha Jest, Protractor, and Karma test runner to implement more efficient testing.

On the other hand, it eats up as much memory space as it can find. Further, often it can slow down your system if it has to reindex. It can also be considered a resource-intensive process.


Jasmine is a development framework for testing JavaScript code, which is driven by a behavior approach. It is an independent framework; it is not reliant on DOM Javascript or any browser. Therefore, it works the best with Node.JS projects, websites, or anywhere that javascript works. More than 200 Corporations, including Accenture, Walmart, Uniqlo, and Gitlab, are built upon Jasmine which adds up the credibility of the tool itself!

If we talk about issues with Jasmine, it seldom creates Hostile log errors.


Protractor is an end to end testing tool that interacts with your application by running tests in a real browser as an actual user would. It works for both angularJS and angular. It allows you to test elements regarding angular without having to set up any struggles. Moreover, it's easy to maintain as well. WebdriverJS enables it to run testings like a user due to native events and browser-specific drivers.

On the other side, it could take a while to understand all the APIs and technicality if you do not come from a selenium background. Protractor becomes weak in its debugging game.

4. AngularFire

Angular fire is the most preferred tool for building a back end application. It has flexible APIs, and its three-way data binding makes it more efficient for rapid development processes. Synchronizing real-time binding and saves the data on automated mode is its USP. When clubbing with a firebase, it gives exceptional results.

It has its limitations; for instance, it contains a minimal amount of resources; furthermore, it offers quite limited filter capabilities options.


Karma is primarily driven by the idea of delivering a productive environment for developers. It provides an environment where you don't have to set up excessive configuration setups to acquire fruitful and quick test results, which can commence the rectifying process faster. It has a function for easy debugging directly from your IDE via google or web storm.

Due to its testing happening in real browsers, it often slows down the process. Further, it also needs a lot of hacks and tricks to get dynamic test results.

6. Mocha.js

Mocha.js is filled with numerous features and functionality. It enables the user to get flexible and accurate reporting.
It is widely known as a simple integration testing tool. If we look at the downside, it requires a complex configuration that makes it relatively weaker than other tools in the market. Besides, performing snapshot testing could not be incredibly convenient.

7. Djangular

Djangular is based on a design philosophy called DRY that stands for Don't Repeat Yourself. This tool comes with several functionalities that allow the developer to focus on the primary developing process. Much Leading e-commerce and social companies are adopting this tool because of its robust content delivery networks.
Djangulars architecture assures scalability, security, and rapid development.

Djangular consists of a predefined framework to perform actions, including a specific logical file structure; however, it also makes sure you can not use your own, which is kind of a bummer.

8. is a smart tool that applies Bayesian and Machine Learning tools that prompts business discussions and decision-making procedures. With the help of a scoring machine, one can organize and facilitate the discussions. It keeps the records of the participants to figure out their expertise in various domains.

9. NGX restAngular

When handling developing complex web applications, NGX restAngular is undoubtedly the best option to go for. It supports both elements like promises and observables so that you can select any one of them as per your requirement. This angularJS tool consists of built-in features that can handle nested entities automatically. NGX restAngular lets you build your custom HTTPS methods.

On the downside, sometimes users will not be able to use NGX restAngular with the services that provide SOAP.

10. Mean

Mean term was first mentioned in 2013 in one of the blog post. It is an open-source javascript software stack that works as angularJS development tool and Node.js technology to develop dynamic websites and applications. You can have an easy switch between the client and server-side of environments. Mean could be considered a highly functioning and cost-effective tool also, it saves your valuable time!

To sum up, selecting the right angularJS development tool as per your need could be tricky, but now you have an idea about the tools' basic functionalities, which will lead you well to opting for the right one! It is also essential to hire Angular developer who better know these angularJS tools and their technicalities to create a unique dynamic website or an application.

If you want to know the detailed analysis of any above tool or any particular concept DO let me know in the response section!!

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